Motor Home InsuranceBefore you hit the open road for your next great adventure, be sure that you have the appropriate motor home insurance. Whether this is a recreational vehicle used for the occasional camping trip or your home away from home on the extended journey, it is important to protect this valuable asset, your family, and your friends. Your home on wheels may have an engine like a car and a bed like a home, but it requires an entirely separate type of insurance coverage and if you make the mistake of insuring it on an auto insurance policy, you won’t have the right amount of coverage in the event of a disaster. In fact, the biggest mistake many motor home owners make is insuring their RV on an auto policy. At claim time, they may discover they don’t have the specialized coverages they need. So that can be a very unpleasant surprise!

Here are some of the myths and realities of motor home insurance that you may want to consider when looking for an insurance policy for your motor home:

Myth: "An auto policy is good enough for my motor home."

Reality Most auto policies don’t cover personal items carried in a motor home. Most don’t include liability insurance when the motor home is parked and used as a residence. Most do not cover attached accessories like awnings, antennas, roof-top air conditioners and satellite dishes. So most don’t cover expenses for lodging or traveling home if you can’t stay in your motor home because of a covered loss.

Myth: "A motor home is essentially the same thing as a private passenger auto."

Reality There are differences. How many cars carry 100 pounds of LP gas, 300 gallons of water and up to 200 gallons of wastewater while they’re traveling down the road? How many cars have refrigerators, sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities? How many cars have built-in ovens or other facilities for open-flame cooking?

Myth: "My homeowner's policy will cover all my personal property on the road."

Reality Most auto policies don’t include comprehensive coverage for personal belongs, and homeowner policies typically place strict limits on off-premise’s coverage and require a sizable deductible to be paid first.

Our providers also offers outstanding emergency expense coverage. Unlike typical auto policies, our motor home policy pays for temporary housing or travel expenses to get you home if your motor home is damaged while you are on the road. We’ll even pay to transport your damaged motor home to your home, repair center, or a storage facility.At Florida Educators Insurance, we can ensure that you are protected. Call us at (813) 600-3268 for quotes on a comprehensive yet affordable insurance policy.