Be Aware of Florida Auto Insurance Laws

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If you have recently moved to Florida, you need to know about our auto insurance laws so that you can protect yourself and avoid getting a ticket or paying a fine.

Facts About Florida Auto Insurance Laws

  • You need to carry personal injury protection insurance.  This is something that most states do not have so there is a good chance that PIP was not included in your previous policy.
  • The deductible for your PIP insurance can be as high as $1,000.
  • Your property damage deductible should only be $500.
  • The bare minimum PIP insurance coverage you can have is $10,000.  This is regardless of the type of car that you drive, how old it is or what it is valued at.

As a Florida insurance agency, we can go over these with you in detail so that you understand what the laws are and can comply with them.

PIP Insurance Explained

If you are unfamiliar with PIP insurance, it helps to understand the basic concept of what it offers you. Personal injury protection insurance is designed to provide you with personal injury coverage, regardless of whether or not you were responsible for the accident. The benefit of this type of policy is that if you are in a car wreck, there is no need to wait and see who is to blame before you can have your medical bills paid. You can simply go and see a doctor, have diagnostics, and get your health taken care of without even needing to speak with an attorney. This can save you time and ultimately, money.

There are limits to your PIP insurance coverage so it will be important to discuss the level of coverage you want when we go over your policy options.  Generally speaking, PIP will pay for –

  • Up to 80 percent of your medical expenses (capped at your coverage amount).
  • Up to 60 percent of the wages you have lost by being unable to go to work or needing to take time off for medical care (also capped at your coverage amount).

Also, though we hope you would never need them, if you were to die as a result of the crash, your family could receive death benefits in the amount of $5,000.

Since the amount of medical bills that are paid for, and the lost wages you can receive, are determined by your coverage amount, it is important to have the right policy in place to begin with. For example, if you make $2,500 a month, a $10,000 policy would probably only give you one or two months of lost wages after your medical bills have been paid.  If your family depends on a much higher salary, say $7,000 a month, then having only $10,000 in coverage is shortsighted. We will ask you questions to help determine what your coverage amounts should be.

Call Florida Educators Insurance

Remember that if you have moved to Florida, you need to have your car registered here and get an updated insurance policy.  We can provide you with one that meets your needs at an affordable rate.  Call today for your quote.

My name is Gary Cucchi, I am the owner of Florida Educator Insurance, LLC (an agency of Horace Mann Insurance). As a previous coach and educator, I was impressed with Horace Mann Companies’ devotion to helping educators for over 60 years. I know first-hand that educators have busy lives, and that is why my staff and I are dedicated to helping our clients meet their insurance needs and plan for their financial future.


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