Dehydration is a Major Summertime Concern

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While traveling this summer is important for you to think about the risk associated with dehydration. Whether your travel details involve hopping aboard a cruise out of Miami, going on rides at Disney, or heading down to the beach, staying hydrated is incredibly important. According to the CDC children are especially at risk for dehydration in part because children experience diarrhea with incredible frequency while travelling. The CDC recommends that if you are traveling with your children to be sure to give them plenty of fluids in order to prevent the risk for dehydration severe dehydration can create the need for hospitalization.

Ways to Stay Hydrated

#1 Drink more than normal.

In the hot summer months, you are going to be sweating more and losing water as you do. This is especially true in Florida so you need to replenish your fluids with additional water. While six, eight ounce glasses may be enough normally, you could increase it by half of double. While exercising outdoors, the CDC recommends drinking two to four glasses of water an hour. Otherwise, your body will tell you whether or not you are getting enough water based on whether or not your mouth is parched. The only challenge is that children cannot always tell you, so just remember to hydrate them every hour.

#2 Carry a water bottle.

If you carry a water bottle with you for each one of your children along with yourself, it is more likely that you were going to drink water throughout the day. Kids especially enjoy carrying a fun water bottle with them especially when it has a cartoon character or is in their favorite color. This is much more fun for them then drinking water out of a glass. They carry one for each member of the family you can also determine who is getting enough to drink and who is carrying their bottle but not actually getting any water.

#3 Keep your drinks cool.

No one wants to drink boiling hot water. You what you need to do is keep your drinks cool especially if you are traveling in the car or out on your boat or at the beach. What are the ways that you can do so is with a Yeti cooler something that we are offering as part of this month giveaway package. And Yeti cooler can keep your drink school for the entire day so no matter where you are and no matter how hot it is outside, your drinks will feel like you just pulled them out of the refrigerator.

#4 Avoid sugar.

You want to avoid sugar whenever possible and this means limiting your intake of soda or alcoholic beverages. These along with coffee will only serve to dehydrate you and counteract all of the fabulous water you’re drinking.

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