The 2nd Annual Daniel Witt Memorial Sporting Clays Shoot

Congratulations to the winners of our contest drawing for $25 gift certificates.  Check out some of the event pictures on our blog .

Our 4 winners were:

  1. M. Angell – 30 pts
  2. J. Cox – 20 pts
  3. K. Geer – 20 pts
  4. B. Bishop – 20 pts

No one answered all of the question correct.  It may be time to give us a call and make sure you are properly covered.  Here are the answers:

  1. Home owners liability insurance covers hunting accidents that harm you? No- Liability Insurance covers injuries to others on your property
  2. Should I read my liability insurance to see what is covered regarding hunting and firearms? This was a trick question if you answered yes.  The answer is no because you want to read what your liability insurance does not cover.
  3. What is standard total amount of homeowners or renters insurance will reimburse for stolen firearms? $2,500 is an average limit.
  4. What is an average for the maximum reimbursement per firearm? $1,000
  5. A Hunter wants to hunt or retrieve animal on your property. What insurance covers accidents of other people on your property? Liability

Just a reminder that these are general questions and answers for the purpose of entertainment.  Please give us a call for specific questions about your coverage.

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