Florida Educators Insurance Helps All School Employees

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You do not have to be a teacher to get support from Florida Educators Insurance. We work with teachers, administrators, support staff, bus drivers, food service staff, clerical staff, maintenance staff, and more. If you work at a school – we have you covered. Our company was founded by two teachers looking to provide insurance and financial services for school employees. We have an intimate understanding of things like how and when you are paid, what retirement and other benefits you are entitled to and how your rate of pay could potentially grow in the future. This is the type of financial information that is critical to have when helping people to make plans for their future. Whether you are looking for ways to retire in style or are focused on saving money to send your kids to college – we have solutions that can help you to do so.

Since we already understand the financial impact of working for the school system, we can provide you with investment vehicles that work within your monthly budget and even factor in the months where you might not make as much. At Florida Educators Insurance, our Tampa Bay agents will take the time to show you how the investment solutions we recommend will work with the retirement plan that is being offered to you by the school system and how your social security benefits will also factor in. This means that you can gain a complete picture of your future retirement, rather than looking at isolated revenue streams. We can provide you with this comprehensive breakdown because of our experience working with teachers and staff employed by the school district.

Other ways that we can help –

In addition to helping you save for retirement, setting up a college savings plan, and discussing annuities, we can also provide you with the home and auto insurance that your family needs. Purchasing the right insurance policy requires doing more than simply comparing the monthly premiums. You need to understand your coverage levels and what would happen in the event that you had to make a claim. Would your auto insurance cover the full amount of your auto loan or would you have to pay part of it off due to depreciation? Would your home insurance pay for the water damage right away or make you wait a month while estimates come in? Would you be covered if hit by an uninsured motorist? These are questions that most people do not know to ask because these events do not come up on a daily basis. However, this is what insurance is all about – preparing for the unexpected. In the case of insurance what you do not know, can hurt you. This is because your policies could be lacking in critical coverage areas. For example, if you do not have uninsured motorist coverage and are hit by one – who will pay for your medical bills? At Florida Educators Insurance, we view our clients as family and that means that we take the time to think of the unexpected so that you don’t have to. Our Wesley Chapel insurance agents can sit down with you, discuss all of your assets and ways to insure them. If you have insurance currently, we can review your policy and let you know of any coverage holes that may exist so that you can obtain a policy that truly does protect you and your family.

If you work for a school in any capacity – we are here to help you. Whether you have an immediate financial or insurance need, or simply have a question, you can count on us to provide you with answers and comprehensive solutions for your needs.

My name is Gary Cucchi, I am the owner of Florida Educator Insurance, LLC (an agency of Horace Mann Insurance). As a previous coach and educator, I was impressed with Horace Mann Companies’ devotion to helping educators for over 60 years. I know first-hand that educators have busy lives, and that is why my staff and I are dedicated to helping our clients meet their insurance needs and plan for their financial future.


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