Term Insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for a specified amount of time, or a term. The length of your policy’s term depends on the life insurance product you select. i.e. 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Is term life insurance right for you? You may want to consider the following things before purchasing term insurance.

Term Insurance Advantages

  • Term insurance solves a temporary need, such as mortgages and college tuition.
  • Term insurance is also less expensive

Term Insurance Disadvantages

  • Term insurance policies do not accumulate cash value

There is no way to plan for the unexpected, making having a life insurance policy critical for protecting your family from the unthinkable. Our Florida insurance team is both compassionate and understanding, and we will take the time to discuss your family’s needs, goals, and the concerns that you have for their financial future. By planning ahead, we can provide the protections they need so that regardless of what happens, your family’s financial situation will be secure. To discuss options, including term life, call (813) 600-3268.