Curtis “Curt” Matson

Curt Matson


Curtis “Curt” Matson


North Fort Myers, FL

High School and/or University you attended:

North Fort Myers High School / University of South FL

How would you describe yourself?

Enjoy serving God and Others, Family Man, Spending time with friends

Family, hobbies/interests, favorite sport & or teams, and anything else you want to share about yourself:

Family Man, Wife, Tracy and 2 kids, Katie (11) and Ethan (3), Working in my yard, Grilling, Golf and Fishing. My teams are the Florida Gators, Tampa Bay Rays and the Pittsburgh Steelers, I serve as Chairman of Administrative Board at our church and am the Public Safety Officer the Ruskin Region – AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization)

What is the best thing about doing the work you do?

Being able to educate folks regarding insurance and making sure that the right insurance is in place in case the need arises.

What is your connection to wanting to help educators?

They shape the future of what every individual contributes to society. My connection is making them secure so that they can focus on our kids