Michael “Mike” Smith

Michael Smith

I have always been passionate about financial markets and the intricacies of the global financial system. While studying Finance at the University of South Florida, I recognized the importance of creating of a sound financial plan for households. My mom is currently a teacher within Hillsborough County schools so I’m passionate to work within a company whose primary focus is Educator households.

I’m proud to serve our local educators with their financial and insurance needs. Clients are always surprised at the simplicity of our comprehensive plans. Through our experience, clients are able to tackle the challenge of seeing the big picture and analyze the individual pieces of their plan. By offering an approachable plan, we help our clients clarify a path to their goals.

I feel honored to do this work and help people from all walks of life who are doing good within our world.

I help young Educators balance long-term goals with their day-to-day choices. I also help mature couples confirm that their plans have been effective and they are now ready to retire.

It’s very fulfilling to help advise clients on making good decisions for their future goals. I know I have been successful when money can become a positive influence in our client’s lives and within this world.

If you could use a financial guide, please contact me for an initial no cost, no obligation meeting.